Treatment of Fungal Skin Infections

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Fungal infections affect the scalp, skin, fingernails, feet, toenails, vagina and mouth. They thrive on warm and wet areas. Their favourite spots include the area between the toes, armpits, and groin. Find out more about  Treatment of Fungal Skin Infections



How to identify Nail Fungus?

Nail fungus is easy to identify. Its introductory formation is visible. It starts with the appearance of yellow or white spots just under your fingernail or toenail tip. As soon as these spots are seen, the infection has already started, and it may spread deeper under the nails. It is at this phase when your nails start to have a yellow colour, thicken and become brittle. Over time, your nails will have crumbling edges.

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Fungal Infections and Swimming Pools

  Swimming pools are a great way to fight the hot weather. Summer or not, there is always a reason or two to immerse yourself in a swimming pool. Swimmers and athletes swim for fitness and health reasons. But while owners of swimming pools exert effort in maintaining clean waters, there are still fungi that are not easily killed with chlorine. 

Chlorine can kill viruses, bacteria, and parasites which are inherent or introduced into the waters, but not fungi. Fungi are... 

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5 Components that Improve Nail Health

How to improve Nail Health?

There are five vital ingredients as we will explore in detail below that are highly known for their healing capabilities and improve the overall health of your nail.

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What is a Fungal Nail Infection and what are the three types of infections?

Fungal nail infection  can attack the nail and cause it to be infected but there are treatments available on the market if you are suffering from the fungal nail infection, that will ensure you don’t have to put up with this in silence and more importantly suffer. Fungal nail infection can come in three different types:dermatophytesyeast and molds.  They can attack the nails on their own or in a combination of the three or even with other infections or diseases.
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